The 48 Hour Book Challenge, hosted by Mother Reader is currently underway. I (Christine) am participating and this is my first year.

Quick fun facts about 48HBC:

– You have a 72 hour window in which to read/review for 48 hours.

– Whenever you start your time, however, the 48 hours have to be in a row.

– This is the 6th year Mother Reader has hosted this event.

– It’s a great way to help out Donors Choose, a fantastic resource that connects teachers in need of supplies to donors with funds to give.

I will be marking my start time at 11:50PM CST, Friday, June 4th since that’s when I officially signed up over at the Start Line and then started writing this post.

Over the course of the next 48 hours, I’ll update this post to include the books I have read and the reviews I’ve written, as well as any other interesting (to me, anyway) thoughts that occur to me as I read the weekend away.

If you wish, you may comment on my insanity or awesomeness in the comments section.

Kicking off this challenge, I’ll be reading Bloodlines by Richelle Mead.

12:22AM – I just read the last line of Bloodlines and started squealing with overwhelming joy. OH MY GOD, I LOVE THE LAST LINE. That is all.

1:04AM – A little over one hour logged. On page 23. Trying so hard not to break the binding. Must keep the book pristine! *stressful*

2:03AM – Got distracted by Caitlin (geez, Caitlin!), but I’m back on track. On page 50.

Caitlin: Dude, you started a chat with me. Get back to reading!

3:01AM – Passed 2 hour mark. On page 115. Things are getting interesting!

3:57AM – I’ve hit the 3 hour mark and decided to get a few hours of sleep. Read to page 176 and I’m well into my second page of notes.

9:50AM – Logged another hour and I’m now on pg 244. I’m really starting to like Sydney as a character. Her social interactions are hilariously awkward, which I greatly enjoy.

1:22PM – Almost logged 6 hours. Had to run errands and eat lunch, but now I am focused on finishing Bloodlines. On page 306.

3:45PM – Finished Bloodlines! Oh, so good. LOVE the last line! I was literally jumping around in excitement when I read it. AAAHHHH, good times.

5:14PM – Wrote my review for The Ghost & the Goth by Stacey Kade, which will be up the 13th. Starting the one for Queen of the Dead.

5:52PM – Wrote my review for Queen of the Dead by Stacey Kade, which will be up on the 16th. Taking much needed dinner break and watching the new Doctor Who!

8:41PM – Finished my 2nd book, Fables: War and Pieces, vol 11 by Bill Willingham, who is a frakkin’ genius. Just over 11 hours logged.

10:26PM – Finished my 3rd book, Fables: The Dark Ages, vol 12 by Bill Willingham, who I now dislike for making me sad.

10:44PM – Starting The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch.

12:48AM – Logged around 14 and a half hours. On page 72. I’m stocking up on preserves just as soon as I go to the store again because this book has scared me a bit about what will happen post-apocalypse.

2:18AM – Eyes refuse to stay open. Giving in to sleep. Reached pg 164. At 15 and 1/2 hours exactly.

9:54AM – Finished The Eleventh Plague. It’s a quick read, better suited for the younger teens. Like a condensed Rot & Ruin. Breakfast time!

10:25AM – Picking up where I left off with an historical romance I started a couple days ago. Need some to counteract all the YA I’ve been reading.

12:19PM – Time goes so much faster when I’m not stopping and taking notes while reading. Just passed 19 hours. Have to stop and meet up with people to go see the new X-Men, then I’ll be back at it.

7:15PM – Finished the historical romance book, just in time to meet a friend for some dinner and the MTV Movie Awards. Go, TeamPotter!

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