Similarily to last year, we are posting this way late. Because, well life and such.

Also, we’re just terribly bloggers here at whatchYAreading. At least we know that. We own that.

Instead of listing our favourite books of the year, a couple years ago we came up with a series of morally testing questions to ask ourselves about the books we had read. And then we gave ourselves rules so that all could know what horrible cheaters we are.

As always, the books listed below can have come out previous to 2013 as long as we read them in 2013. Advance copies of 2014 books are not allowed except in the question we put in for them.

And, as always, we would love to hear your answers to any and all of these questions in the comments!

1. Favorite Book of 2013

Kate: These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

Caitlin: I think I’m going to have to copy Kate and say These Broken Stars because I just loved every single thing about that book but mostly that I went in thinking, “I know exactly where this is going,” and never been more wrong in my life.

Christine: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

2. Book (from 2013) you wish more people would read

Kate: Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken (though in fairness, I guess this means I also wish more people had read Darkest Mind, the opener to this series). Maybe lots of people have read these, but I feel like no one was talking about them?

Caitlin: Across a Star Swept Sea by Diana Peterfreund

Christine: Umm… Fangirl. It’s perfect. (I’ll give you a copy if you haven’t read it.)

3. Favorite Cover


Kate: These Broken Stars by Aimee Kaufman and Megan Spooner

Caitlin: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I just really enjoy how it showcases the fangirl lifestyle and that it was done by a popular artist on tumblr who mostly does fanart. It’s a meta cover.

Also, The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson because (a) it’s beautiful and (b) they didn’t white wash it, or just decide not to put a person on the cover.

Christine: These Broken Stars. It’s so pretty.

4. Favorite Tearjerker (feel free to describe the moment that made you cry, in an unspoilery way)

Kate: It’s not fair that I can’t say The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak because that audiobook made me cry so hard I threw up. Also ineligible for me is Code Name Verity by Rachel Wein. Dangit. But…none of the other books I read this year really felt like tearjerkers to me, so I’m going with these two.

Caitlin: Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein. When they sing Make New Friends, which is a song that I sing in Girl Guides with five and six year old girls. They sing it quite a few times and it made cry every single time to see that song in that context.

Christine: Code Name Verity – Ugh. I can’t believe Kate & Caitlin got me to read it. I SOBBED.

5. Favorite series conclusion

Kate: Champion by Marie Lu, the conclusion of the Legend series

Caitlin: Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier. Everything just came together so perfectly. Alsoalso!! The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson.

Christine: Clockwork Princess! (YEEEESSSSS)

6. Favorite series opener

Kate: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Caitlin: Does Just One Day count? It was only two books but that’s more than one. (…obviously) If not then it’s a tie between The Rules by Stacey Kade and Reboot by Amy Tintera.

Christine: I didn’t have a stand out one, so I guess I’ll go with Indelible by Dawn Metcalf.

7. Favorite Series continuation

Kate: The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater

Caitlin: The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead. This book was everything I dreamed it would be. Honorable mention for Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo because STURMHOND!!!! And also Curtsies and Conspiracies by Gail Carriger.

Christine: The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvate

8. Favorite Comedy

Kate: I don’t know if Perfect Scoundrels by AllY Carter really counts as a comedy, but it’s certainly a really fun book and gets my vote here.

Caitlin: Does the Hyperbole and Half book Allie Brosh. Because that was hilarious! If not then ummm, I guess The Fiery Heart was quite light hearted and fun….until the last couple chapters.

Christine: Fangirl (This is going to be my answer for a lot of things.)

9. Favorite male lead

Kate: A tie between Peregrine from Through the Every Night by Veronica Rossi and Tarver Merendsen from These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner.

Caitlin: Willem from Just One Day/Just One Year by Gayle Forman. I loved his journey.

Christine: I’m really starting to like Adrian (from the VA & Bloodlines series), even though I haven’t finished The Fiery Heart yet because I don’t heartbreak or cliffhangers.

10. Favorite female lead

Kate: Another tie between June Iparis from Champion by Marie Lu and Cammy Morgan from United We Spy by Ally Carter.

Caitlin: Cath from Fangirl for being the perfect fangirl. And Wren from Reboot by Amy Tintera for being badass and reserved but also emotional and relatable and awesome.

Christine: Cath from Fangirl

11. Favorite Debut author

Kate: Christine Terrill

Caitlin: Ugh. There’s too many. Amy Tintera. Lets just go with that. I hate making decisions.

Christine: Rainbow Rowell… although, I’m not sure she’s considered a debut author? She was to me this year, though.

12. What book are you most looking forward to in 2014

Kate: As always, I have more than one for this list. New series: Defy by Sara B. Larson (though this feels like cheating since it comes out on January 7); Series Conclusion: Infinite by jodi Meadows; Series Continuation: Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey; Standalone: Landline by Rainbow Rowell.

Caitlin: At the moment, Ruin and Rising. But also This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner.

Christine: Ruin & Rising by Leigh Bardugo

13. Favorite ARC slated for 2014

Kate: This is a tie between Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi and The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski.

Caitlin: Half Bad by Sally Green and Cress by Marissa Meyer. Also All that Glows by Ryan Graudin. Oh, and Alienated by Melissa Landers.

Christine: The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa (Thank you, Harlequin!)

14. Least Favorite Book

Kate: Requiem by Lauren Oliver and Awaken by Meg Cabot

Caitlin: Taken by Erin Bowman

Christine: The Rules for Disappearing by Ashley Elston

15. Biggest Disappointment

Kate: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Caitlin: Neptune’s Tears by Susan Waggoner,which I really enjoyed up until the…I don’t even know if you can call it an ending. It just kind of stopped. I actually thought I was missing pages.

Christine: Parallel by Lauren Miller

16. Biggest Surprise

Kate: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. This was a surprise for me because I stalled on the first thirty-forty pages about four times before I got into it, and then I read it all in one sitting, totally engrossed.

Caitlin: The Rules by Stacey Kade. I picked up an ARC of this at ALA last January specifically to send to Christine because I knew she liked Stacey Kade. Then I forgot to put it in the box I sent her and ended up reading it myself. IT WAS SO GOOD! And I don’t know why I thought I wouldn’t like Stacey Kade’s books but I was surprised about how much I loved it.

Christine: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

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