My favourite things in books!

This is another one of those, “I don’t wanna wait to tell you how much I loved these books” post. Like this one. A 2012 preview of books that made squee and giggle and clutch them to me in disbelief that I got to read them early. And can’t review them yet! It makes me so sad that I can’t go on for paragraphs about their awesomeness.

A little meandering about their awesomeness will hold me over though, I think.

First up, Angels!

A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink

Now, we’ve raved and gushed and loved Michelle’s Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy. And for good reason. But this is something completely new from her. A new world, new characters, new mythology. But it has the same intelligence and authentic feel that I’ve come to expect from Michelle. And I loved Darius so much. I keep trying to convince Michelle to write a companion novel featuring Darius and Anna. I need everyone to read this book and help me with this endeavor. Need more Darius!!!

And it’d be nice to see Helen and other characters in the background.

Can’t wait for this one to hit shelves and for everyone to get the chance to read it. A unique world and a unique take on the angels genre so popular in YA these days.

And next up we have, witches!!!

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

Look at that cover! And it’s about witches! I love witches! I will try any book that is about witches! I was so excited for this one that I was terrified it wasn’t going to live up to my expectations. But, GUYS!!!! It totally did, and then it surpassed them. It was so good! The world-building was fantastic and believable and the characters had much motivation and depth and surprises in them.

I loved the sisters especially. They were so well done. And I really can’t say enough amazing things about the world. It was just…beautiful, and wonderful, and a fantastic metaphor for what the real world was like in the equivalent time period. The series has the potential to become the new girl power series, and I can’t wait for more. Jessica Spotswood is definitely a debut author to look out for. I need more from her as soon as possible!

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