Recently I posted my review of Torrent and the River in Time trilogy in general. Bourne is a novella released in digital format only that directly follows the trilogy and focuses a little more on Lia than Gabby as the trilogy did.

I liked how Bourne managed to fit the tone of the trilogy and have just as much action and romance even though it was so much shorter. And while I liked getting the chance to see more of Lia and learn more about Luca and see the two together without it being filtered by Gabby, I do wish we had gotten more Gabby and Marcello. Not that we didn’t ANY but they were my favourite in the main books and when I was finished with Torrent I just wanted more and more of them!

One thing I really liked in Bourne was how Bergren shows married life between Gabby and Marcello. The books are published by a Christian publisher and I have a tendency to think that means the books will be more tame in relationships and such. But Bergren does a really good job of showing passion and young love in her protagonists without going to far. And as someone who appreciates the romance in books just as much as the plot, I just loved the way she handled their interactions.

The one thing I didn’t really like about Bourne was that it was a novella. I wanted more. A full length book. More of all the characters and the world and the romance and sword fighting. Good romance and good action is all I need to make a good book. Well, mostly.

So, if you’ve read the River of Time trilogy I highly recommend you pick this up. You get a little bit more of all the characters and get to see just a little bit of their life after the end of the big threat. And, like the full length books, it’s just so much fun. If you haven’t read the River of Time trilogy and like romance and action and Italian guys than what in the world are you waiting for?

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