Netgalley and Kensington were nice enough to hook me up with these mid-series novella’s recently. Which was awesome for me because I dislike spending money on short stories that just make me want more.

Breathless by Brigid Kemmerer

I read this short story without reading the blurb. Figured, “it’s about Nick,” was all I needed to know about it. And I’m so glad I didn’t read it because it meant that Nick’s personal struggle was a surprise to me and now I just want to give me a big hug…followed by hitting him in the head because OBVIOUSLY his brothers love him and will continue to love him no matter what.

I’ve said before that these guys really just need to sit down and TALK to one another, but it was this story that first drove that home for me. All the things this family has been through, I just doubt that Nick’s sexual orientation would make them feel any different about them. And I hate that we live in a world where Nick (and, you know, people in real life) feel the need to hide themselves out of fear of their family.

This novella absolutely fulfilled it’s purpose because now I MUST read Nick’s full story and see what happens. And hopefully see the family getting somewhere in terms of communication. Yeesh.

Spartan frost by Jennifer Estep

So, at the end of Crimson Frost we saw Logan peace it out of Mythos Academy for, well pretty fair reasons. Having read both this novella and the next full novel in the Mythos Academy series I see where the join up. Which is nice, but not at all necessary? I enjoyed getting Logan’s point of view on how he felt about the events from the end of Crimson Frost. And I enjoyed seeing him and his dad interact.

We did get to see him THINK about Gwen quite a bit but I admit, I really wanted to see them interact from Logan’s point of view, which for obvious reasons didn’t happen. So, I can’t really complain but it also wasn’t quite what I wanted. If that makes sense.

This is definitely just for fans of the series who can’t wait for Midnight Frost. Which, by the way, was definitely my favourite in the series. And Spartan Frost is a good intro to it.

Both of these novellas were fun, fast reads that served as good tantalizers for the next book in their respective series. If you’re fans of the series, you’ll enjoy them.

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