Part three of this series is mostly for those people that want to stay up to date on the conversations, giveaways, announcements and such that will be happening.

Specifically in regards to YA stuff, you’ve got a couple things to do.

On Thursday and Sunday evening I”m going to try to post recaps of the day here. Friday and Saturday we are spending most of our time in panel rooms that have nothing to do with books, so I’m probably not going to then, unless the evenings have big things happening in them.

Generally I find that authors and publishers don’t tweet any of the things that are talked about. They just tweet the times of giveaways and panels. They do sometimes post fun pictures, so it might be in your interest to follow some of the authors that are going to be there.

My personal judgement on which authors are going to enjoy the con more than just their own panels is as follows:

Myra McEntire

Leigh Bardugo

Marissa Meyer

Andrea Cremer

Victoria Schwab

Other Authors that are going to be there:

Gennifer Albin1

Rae Carson

Stephanie Perkins

Uh…there are a lot more but my mind is blanking as it’s 3am and I’m in an airport.

Now then, I plan to live tweet, if connecting to network is kind to me, all of the book panels that we go to from the whatchyareading twitter account. You may also follow Christine and I on twitter (links below) as we will be tweeting random things/non-book things throughout the weekend.

Christine’s Twitter

Caitlin’s Twitter

Other than us, my favourite bloggers that are going to be there are Michelle and Stacee. Make sure to check out Stacee’s blog as it’s whole purpose is posting recaps of book events she’s been to. I’m not sure when she’ll have Comic Con up but I’m sure it’ll be a great post when it does go up.

If any other bloggers that plan on live tweeting panels, especially on Friday and Saturday when I cannot, wish to post their twitters in the comments, please do! I’ll keep an eye on our spam folder as it will probably mark anything with a link as spam. Sometimes our spam filter ruins my life…most of the time it keeps me sane though, so I can’t be rid of it.

Any questions? Anything you specifically want us to keep you in the know about over the weekend?

  • Fun Fact: when writing up this post, I put down her name as “Gennifer Goodwin.”

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