You know how, when you’re an adult, you stop reading picture books? Unless you have kids…but that’s different. You aren’t reading them for you. Well, I have a friend who’s never had this happen to her. She still loves to read picture books. And she has instilled in me the same love.

So, when I say I love the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems, I don’t mean, I remember loving them. I mean, I just discovered them a few months ago and I think they are complete and utter genius. They are funny, entertaining, cute, funny, intelligent, and funny. And they are just good reads. The series includes:

  • Pigs Make Me Sneeze!
  • There is a Bird on Your Head!
  • Can I Play Too?
  • Elephants Cannot Dance!
  • Today I Will Fly!
  • I Am Going!
  • I Am Invited to a Party!
  • I Broke My Trunk!
  • I Will Surprise My Friend!
  • Are You Ready to Play Outside?
  • My Friend is Sad
  • Watch Me Throw the Ball!
  • I Love My New Toy!
  • We Are In a Book!

The books chronicle the adventures of two best friends, Gerald the elephant and Piggie the pig. I feel I should tell you now that Piggie is a girl. I was surprised when we saw her in a dress and then in one book they refer to her as “she.” It was very strange after all this time thinking she was a he.

Anyways, they have strange adventures and mishaps, like being invited to a party and not knowing what to wear. Or trying to play outside when the weather isn’t cooperating. Or realizing that they cannot spend every minute of every day together. Piggie is adventurous and always ready for a snack. Gerald is reserved and worrisome. But through all their adventures they are always good friends.

Even if you just go to a library, take ten minutes and read a couple of the books, I implore you to. These really exemplify the intelligence and humour that children’s books can contain. They remind me of why I started reading in the first place, as a young child. You feel like you know Gerald and Piggie. You feel like you are on their crazy adventures with them. And you just the adventures to keep on going.

I really recommend anything Mo Willems has ever written, but the Elephant and Piggie books are my absolute favourite.

What are your favourite picture books?

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