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Warning: If you have not read the first two books in the Strange Angels series (Strange Angels and Betrayals), then not only will you probably not understand what’s going on, but you WILL get spoiled. It’s impossible not to spoil the first two books when talking about Jealousy.

If you haven’t read either book, scroll all the way down to get the giveaway information.

Okay, you’ve been warned…

Let me recap this series so far for those who might have forgotten what’s been going on. In Strange Angels we were introduced to Dru Anderson, who had just lost her hunter father (literally lost him, as in she didn’t know where he was, but she presumed he was dead). I like to think of it as the beginning of Supernatural but with a teenage girl instead of Sam & Dean. Enter this weird goth Asian guy, Graves, who won’t leave her alone, especially after he’s bitten by a werwulf. Then another guy, Christophe, comes along and it turns out he’s a vampire. (Of course.) He reveals that Dru’s half-vampire, which is a complete shock to the system, and someone betrayed the location of Dru’s mother, thus leading to her death. /End book

In Betrayals Dru and Graves are in a school for half-vamps and werwulfs, but really it’s like a last resort school for the undesirables. Oh, and Dru’s the only girl around. Turns out Christophe picked that school in order to flesh out the traitor (note the title!) in the Order who wants Dru dead. Seriously, can’t this girl get a break? And what’s the deal with Christophe and Dru’s mom? Because they totally knew each other back in the day when her mom was her age and you can tell Christophe had some feelings for her. Anyway, Dru and Graves get closer (yay!), but so do Dru and Christophe…? Not sure how I feel about that given Christophe’s feelings for Dru’s mom. (A little ew, really.) Then the school basically blows up and everyone decides it’s time to move on so Dru can learn more about what’s going on with her and what that means for her in the future. /End book

Everyone caught up?

Excellent! On to Jealousy.

This was my favorite book so far of the series. Not only do we get more answers, like who the traitor is!, but we also see more Dru and Graves action. I am pulling for Graves. I didn’t really like him in the first book. He seemed kind of needy and naive, but since turning into a werwulf, he’s matured and grown a backbone. There are hints of his feelings in this book, but you’re still not really sure what’s going on with him. Maybe he doesn’t want to be with a half-vamp? Maybe it’s really because he doesn’t think it’s the right time? (Which I think is a cop-out excuse because ever since he’s met Dru, it’s always a horrible time. I doubt a “right” time will magically appear.) Whatever the case, I hope something big happens in the next book to solidify their relationship status because between Dru’s awkward attempts at talking about her feelings and Graves going back and forth, I wanted to punch them both and then lock them in a closet together until they either figure something out or make out. A decision needs to be made or I’ll be back for the next book’s review with a rather long rant about resolution.

I know there a few people in the Christophe camp, but like I said in the Betrayals summary, the past (current?) feelings he has for Dru’s mom makes the whole thing super weird and uncomfortable to read when they’re alone. I really hope nothing further develops in that area, although you never know. Especially with how things ended in Jealousy. *anxiety*

The beginning of the book is rather slow paced as pieces fall into place, but it was completely forgotten once things started wrapping up (I was riveted during the last couple chapters) and the ending! You guys, I’m dying to know how that’s going to be resolved. (Oh, how I hate cliffhanger endings.)

I also want to add that I absolutely love Ash. I’m so glad Dru rescued him at the end of Betrayals. I think he’s going to become an important character in the next book and I can’t wait to see more of him.

The next book, Defiance, comes out in April. (I hate waiting.)

For today’s giveaway, I’ve got Strange Angels, Betrayals AND Jealousy, which will go to three lucky winners. (One for each book.) This is open only to the US and Canada mailing addresses. Ends midnight CDT on November 1st.

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