A couple of mini reviews. Books I read recently that I didn’t care aobut enough to write long, proper reviews but I didn’t hate them either.

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

I really loved the idea behind this one. And the fact that it had teenagers, and teenage girls, talking about sex in a frank manner without dire consequences. My biggest issue with it was that I never felt attached to any of the characters. I just didn’t care about them and I really wanted to. Other than that everything about the book was pretty good, but my disconnect from the characters really put a dampener over everything else.

Legacy by Molly Cochran

I really wanted to love this book. It is exactly my sort of book. And I did really enjoy parts of it. But..I don’t know. Sometimes it just read like a first draft, you know? Like, I didn’t see how the narrative got from A to B. And there was just an awkwardness in certain parts that put me off. I did like the characters and the ending and the mystery in the town. But, unfortunately, it was overshadowed by the awkward writing.

I’ll definitely read more by this author. Though that might say more about how I’m a glutton for punishment than anything else.

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

This one was awesome. Great pacing, great characters, great idea. I’m only including it in this post, instead of it’s own proper review, because (a) it isn’t really YA, and (b) I read it so long ago I don’t really remember enough to give it a good proper review.

I remember I wish we’d spent less time with Alyss as a child and more about her return and the war. I am very excited to finish the rest of the series.

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