I’m admittedly about to do something a bit different for today’s review. Generally when we review books it’s because we loved them and want to let the world know that they too should be reading this book. Yes there are occasionally aspects that we might not like, but as a whole if we don’t like it, we don’t review it- easy as that.

The same goes for the book I’m about to review, except for the fact that it comes with one giant qualifier. I can without a doubt say that I liked this book, but I’m not sure that I would recommend it to anyone who wasn’t suffering from extreme stress caused by both graduate school and work going off the charts insane at the same time. You see in those situations, I need one thing- melodrama and fluff and a plot that doesn’t require too much thought. I want something that is so outside the realm of my real life and that I can no sooner relate to what’s going on in the book than I could grow wings and fly.  And yes, I know I’m nuts, but stress will do that to you.

Therefore the book I read this past weekend, the first book I’ve read in a month, I can without a doubt say in this time space continuum of circumstances that I read Personal Demons by Lisa Descrochers,  I quite enjoyed it. Whether I’d like it again at a time when my brain less resembled those 90’s anti-drug commercials, “This is your brain on drugs” – I’m not sure. That said, if I haven’t scared you off, please continue reading.

Personal Demons follows Mary Francis Cavanaugh through the last month of her high school career while she’s being pursued by one of hell’s demons and heaven’s angels. Lucifer “Luc” Cain is a demon from hell sent to tag Frannie’s soul for hell, not knowing quite why, but only that if heaven were to tag her first, there would quite literally be hell to pay. The story alternates between Luc and Frannie’s point of view, switching often mid-chapter, but it allows you to get an idea of what’s at play from the supernatural side of things as well as Frannie’s feeling about everything going on. Naturally Luc is the bad boy: he’s got tattoos and piercings, and really gets the girls’ panties in a twist. Gabriel (of course) is a Dominion angel who looks like he invented the ideal model of a surfer boy- luscious golden skin and hair, muscles and a pure heart. Both vie for Frannie’s affections in an effort to win her soul, which personally feels like cheating on the side of Angel-boy, and Frannie enjoys the attention of both.

There is definitely a love triangle going on, though the fact that you only get the POV of Luc and not Gabriel insinuates fairly heavily that he’s the main guy.  Throughout the novel, as Frannie skips between making out with both guys, because honestly, the girl kind of gets around (…but it’s ok because she’s still a virgin!) Luc rapidly falls for her, making his demon heart beat for something other than brimstone. Soon he finds himself worrying more about keeping her safe than tagging her soul, and Luc and Gabriel, mortal (or immortal? Immoral?) enemies at the best of times, have to team up to keep Frannie and her super awesome powers safe from the various big bads coming for her. Meanwhile Frannie’s trying to decide if her lust for Luc is safer to deal with than the heavenly love she feels in Gabe’s arms.

It’s a celestial power struggle, a love triangle, and enough melodrama to choke a monkey and it was exactly what I needed to empty my brain of stress and let me focus on something completely different. Yes, Luc at times read more like an angsty teenage boy than a centuries old demon, Frannie is a bit of brat, and Gabe falls flat, but somehow I enjoyed it. And yes, I will inevitably read the next book in the series when it comes out. I’ve just got to know where this is going. So  grab some cookies and give it a shot- and enjoy a little brain fluff.

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