I feel this one needs no introduction. Here is Christine and I chatting about Sister’s Red:

….That was kind of an introduction, wasn’t it? Whatever.

Caitlin: A few months ago Christine asked if I wanted to do a review of Sweetly by Jackson Pearce with her. I hadn’t read it yet, but as I highly enjoyed Sisters Red I was sure Sweetly was going to be good and just said yes.

Then, as we chatted some more, we realized we’d somehow missed reviewing Sisters Red. The great tale of two sisters walking around in red capes killing werewolves. How could we miss this?

Christine: I honestly have no idea how we missed reviewing this, but I’m glad we’re rectifying our oversight because I found Sisters Red to be a rollercoaster ride through the two sisters lives’, Rosie and Scarlett, during a life-changing period of time for them.

Caitlin: Oh. Oh. Oh! Who was your favourite sister???

Christine: Gah. That’s a hard question. I liked Rosie more at first, but as the story progressed, Scarlett became such a kick-ass character, I started imagining her as a rock-star superhero with a red cape. Who was yours?

Caitlin: Rosie. Definitely. All throughout. Scarlett was always like an overbearing mother-ish figure to me. Though, we should take into account that you are an older sibling and I am a younger sibling. This might have something to do with who we identify with.

Christine: I didn’t even think of that! Maybe it does.

Aside from the sisters, we’re also introduced to Silas, who helps fight Fenris (aka werewolves) with Scarlett and, to some extent, Rosie. I loved Silas. He had a hipster, go-with-the-flow vibe that I always associate with surfers and I’ve always been drawn to surfer-types. His relationships with Scarlett and Rosie are different and very interesting to read until the next action sequence.

Caitlin: I have so much to say about Silas! I loved him as an individual character and I loved how his different interactions with the sisters revealed different parts of them. Parts they wouldn’t necessarily reveal to each other.

Without Silas, and a certain conversation he has with Scarlett in the rain, I don’t think I would’ve liked Scarlett much at all. But that conversation revealed so much motivation behind her character. It wasn’t just that she was an overbearing mother-ish figure. She had this unbreakable faith in what they were doing and why they were doing it. And until that conversation, I’m not sure I quite believed it.

And without Silas pushing Rosie to be more independent, and more herself around her sister, I’m not sure I would’ve liked the pushover Rosie was turning into.

Christine: Exactly. He has a hand in shaping their growth as Rosie and Scarlett try to figure out their own relationship now that Rosie is growing up and Scarlett no longer needs to be that overbearing mother-ish type to her.

The whole thing with the Fenris was strange, but cool. Retelling Little Red Riding Hood as a modern story and setting it in our world took some imagination on Jackson Pearce’s part and I wasn’t sure how it would play out, but it was great. Some of the fighting scenes were a bit gritty and my heart raced several times as Silas, Rosie and Scarlett placed their lives on the line time after time to make sure the Fenris didn’t kill the innocent.

Caitlin: Yes, and Jackson (we’re on a first name basis, apparently) did a good job tying everything together at the end for a truly heart-pounding climatic fight. The consequences felt real, and I was just as scared as both of the sisters for a moment.

Christine: Absolutely. Since I’m such a chicken when it comes to characters that I like being in peril, I flipped to the end several times to assure myself that the ending won’t have me crying buckets. I’ve never had a bad ending experience with Jackson, and I’m going to knock on wood that I never do.

So, basically, Caitlin and I both enjoyed Sisters Red — the world, the characters, especially Silas, and how everything plays out. If you haven’t read it yet, you should, and then immediately pre-order Sweetly, which we’ll be reviewing once Caitlin reads it. *glances at her* I’m hoping this is soon because I loved Sweetly and can’t wait to gush about it.

Caitlin: Not my fault the book isn’t out yet.

Christine: I know. And if we lived closer to each other, this wouldn’t be an issue… just saying.

Anyway. Regardless of if you’ve read it or not, we want to hear your thoughts on Sisters Red, fairy tale retellings, Jackson Pearce, or whatever you want to talk about in the comments section.

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