Caitlin: When starting this book, I wanted one thing to happen…or well, not to happen. I wanted there to not be a new love interest introduced or for Emma and Brendan to break up…you know how book twos always seem to be about the intense emotional drama. I wanted the drama to come from outside the relationship.

And…YAY! It totally did!

Christine: Unfortunately this is too common in second books. We’re introduced to this fantastic guy and/or girl, fall in love with the idea of them together and then they’re usually torn apart in the second book, thus crushing our hearts and causing an increase in tissue sales with our sobbing ‘woe is me’ rants on Twitter. (And yes, I’ve done it. You’ve done it, too.)

HOWEVER, this did not happen in Spellcaster. I can say with full confidence that it was just as good as the first book and our favorite couple from Spellbound was just as cute and just as lovestruck with each other.

Caitlin: Yes! When I think back on this book, I’m pretty sure it was just about Emma and Brendan making out. Like, sure there was plot and action and stuff….but mostly it was making out.

Christine: Yes. And that one scene at his house… good times were had by all.

I must say, I did like the occasional POV breaks that went to Emma’s witchy friend, Angelique. Usually I’m against breaking first book protocol when it comes to POVs. I do make the exceptions though (like with Maggie Stiefvater’s series), and now this one. Angelique didn’t have much presence in Spellbound, so I’m glad we got to learn more about her and the way she thinks/feels/sees the world. Plus, it was fun to delve into the witchcraft part of this world.

Caitlin: I found the POV switch a little startling at first but it it didn’t last for very long, so I was okay with it. I mostly think these books are Emma and Brendan’s story and that we should stick with them.

Should we talk about the plot? I liked how there was magic stuff in this one. And there was a mystery and Emma had to make some tough choices when it came to how to use her magic. I also liked how she and Brendan would always talk out situations that the other wasn’t happy with. Not like a lot of YA relationship that you see (and I admit, enjoy sometimes) where the male is all “I can protect you better so you must do as I say.”

Christine: I think we all enjoy those a little, which is why there are so many, but yes, I have to agree. I liked that they were on equal footing about discussing what was happening, even though Brendan still got a little male macho about situations, especially when it came to Emma. Of course, Emma gave Brendan a piece of her mind when he did, so it evens out in the end.

The plot was a good one. I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading the Prologue, but Cara did a good job of creating the ‘villain’ of the book and how it all worked together. I was a little nervous about the ending and just how far Emma was willing to go, but I’m happy with how it ended.

Caitlin: Me too! I like how in both this book and in Spellbound the plot gets wrapped up nicely so you aren’t left hanging but I still feel like I want more from the characters. I feel like their stories or lives or whatever aren’t over. So, if we get another one, that’s awesome and if don’t, at least I’m left with the feeling of the characters going on to have more adventures. And not….everything all wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

Christine: Yes. I know the author’s said she probably won’t write another one, but I’d like to assure her that if she ever did (even a little novella as an ebook), I would read and recommend it to kingdom come because I like Emma and Brendan together and just generally enjoy reading about them. Emma has spirit and sass! Brendan is adorable and so very jocky that imagining him in a basketball uniform makes me feel a little pervy. I want to read more of them!

Caitlin: Are you saying you like feeling pervy?

Christine: No. Maybe. It’s not real so I’m allowed a little perviness. Also, I don’t think that’s a word, but I’m sticking with it.

Caitlin: I agree about another book though. More books! More Emma and Brendan being cute and making out. More exploring magic-y powers.

Christine: Yes. And more basketball practice. (Maybe I just have an unhealthy amount of love for basketball players?)

Caitlin: Or just Brendan in particular? Either way, nothing wrong with that.

Spellcaster comes out March 27th from Harlequin Teen and you should read it. If you haven’t read Spellbound already, one – sorry for the mini-spoilers, and two – you should definitely read that first and it’s already out, so you have no excuse.

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