This post exists either because Wendy pities me…or just really wanted me to shut up and leave her alone. Maybe both?

Basically, she rejected us for the These Broken Stars blog tour, and then I bugged her about it so much she came up with these…non-tour, semi-officially, please-stop-bothering-me-caitlin, fun-fact….thingums.

So, basically without my incessant whining, you wouldn’t get to know these fun facts about Meagan Spooner and Amie Kaufman, and life would be sadder for everyone.

A good part of the brainstorming for this book took place in a hot springs resort near Melbourne, Australia. Any time we felt stuck, we’d go there and chill in the water and talk about the book.

Given that we were inevitably talking about subjects ranging from killing 50,000 people in a spaceship crash to how long it would take someone to die from an infection, we got a lot of weird looks from the other patrons. Somewhere in Australia is a person thinking they were soaking next to a pair of psychopaths. (Sorry to disappoint… we’re only writers!)

I feel like this fact proves Kate’s theory about there being something in the water in Australia that makes people better writers. Someone should bottle that, market that, sell that, and make a fortune. I would buy it. Seriously.

If you want to check out the REAL blog tour stops you can find them all (with some real cool interviews, sneak peaks, and such) at The Midnight Garden. Also you should tell Wendy that she should always choose us for her blog tours. Obviously. No more pity tours.

Our review of These Broken Stars will be up tomorrow. It’s one Kate and I wrote together and trust me when I say we both loved it. I wouldn’t have whined so much if I hadn’t loved this book to death.

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