When I signed in to post this review Christine and I wrote yesterday, it came to my attention that Kate has already reviewed Under the Never Sky.

Which I totally already knew…somewhere in my brain. But, whatever. I loved the book too much to not share my ramblings about how much I loved it. So here they are…and sometimes I let Christine speak.

Caitlin: Months ago, Michelle told me to read this book She told me I’d love it and that is was fabulous and that she needed someone to talk to about it. Sadly, I didn’t listen to her. I thought I was all burned out on dystopia and that I couldn’t possibly like a new dystopia book as much as I have liked others.

How wrong I was.

I loved this book. Loved it in that way I wish to feel about every book I read. The characters just stayed with me for days, if not weeks, afterward and all I could think about was their future and what was going to happen and OH MY GOD can they just be happy and together? Forever? please?

Christine: I felt similarly to starting a new dystopian series, let alone starting a new series. But Caitlin’s glowing comments convinced me to read it (and I was about to meet the author at Comic-Con), so I started it the night before I left for San Diego and finished it on the plane going there. Couldn’t put it down. It was so good.

Caitlin: I’m not even sure I can explain why I loved it so much. I mean, Aria and Perry for sure. They were both just such interesting and full characters. And I really, really loved their journey together. Both the physical journey with danger and twists and surprises, and the emotional journey they went on getting to know one another.

Christine: I think what gripped me from the beginning was first figuring out the tech and then the idea of “them” versus “us”. Those on the outside versus the ones inside. I know you haven’t read Pure yet, but there’s a very similar idea in that book, with the people living the “good” life inside their protected domes and the ones outside barely scraping by. It’s a common theme you’ll find in dystopias, but still a good one if written well.

I can definitely see most of the tech Veronica Rossi describes as something that could happen, or already has happened in small doses. Like the Smarteye they use. It’s not a contact lense, but we do have the technology for a screen to go over your eye so you can stay connected at all times while still being out in the world.

Caitlin: I enjoyed that as well. And I enjoyed that it had consequences. It wasn’t just some fun piece of tech in a sci-fi novel. It changed the way people related to one another and to the world and dire consequences. As well as small consequences. The world was very well thought out, on both the “inside” and the “outside.”

Christine: I agree. She did a good job fleshing out this world and its characters. I think that kind of passion and all the little details that went into that make themselves known in the basic fact that we loved the story and the characters, through and through.

Can we just talk about Perry for a minute? Because dang. That boy can walk around with no shirt for the rest of the series, and I’m completely okay with that.

Caitlin: Wasn’t that one of the selling points I gave you? That the main guy spends most of the book shirtless?

Either way, I hope book two sees a return of the shirtless Perry.

What I loved about Perry is that had all this affection and duty and desire hidden away under layers of brutality and necessity. And I enjoyed getting to know him as Aria got to know him. And vice versa. And how they both became more themselves as they got to know one another. And how much Perry loved Talon. I want Talon to come back!

Christine: I did love Talon. I’m sure he’ll be back since his storyline is not done yet. Also, I’m very interested in the kid named Cinder and what his story is. And Marron was quite the strange dude, but very resourceful. Wouldn’t mind knowing his story either.

The ending was just cruel. You think it’s going to go one way and then out of nowhere we’re left with a sentence that leaves you wanting to scream because it’s the last sentence in the book and now you have to wait for the next one. Excuse me while I cry in frustration.

Caitlin: I’m kind of hoping that Marron turns out to be Aria’s father. …We never got official word on who her father was, right?

And, yes! Cinder! I feel he will be very important in how things play out. And I want to meet Perry’s sister! And and and and! I need Through the Ever Night! Yesterday.

Waiting sucks.

Christine: Waiting does suck. Marron as Aria’s father, eh? Interesting… I was kind of hoping for her and Roar to be related somehow, but you never know.

Under the Never Sky is available wherever books are sold (or loaned) now. Go read it so we can all fangirl over it in the comments section.

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