When I read This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith, I immediately fell in love. Not with the characters or the setting or the writing or the pretty cover or the love story or any of those normal things. I mean, I fell in love with those things as well, just not as immediately.

Can you guess what I fell in love with? Or…well, WHO I fell in love with?

It was Wilbur. The pig. I want a pet pig!!! That would be fantastic. The only problem would be having a pig would make me feel guilty about bacon and I can’t give up bacon. So, instead of buying a pig, I thought I’d just interview Wilbur! He lives with rich and famous movie star, Graham Larkin and is here to tell us all the juicy details of being a pet and a pig!

1. So, Wilbur. What is it like living with celebrity Graham Larkin?

It’s hog heaven!

2. What’s your favourite thing to do with Graham when he’s home?

Graham’s actually a pretty mellow guy for a movie star. You’d think he’d be out going hog wild (excuse the pun), but he’s sort of a homebody. We tend to spend a lot of time out by the pool. You know…just two guys hanging out.

3. Do you get to go to any fancy parties with him?

Unfortunately, no. He says it’s because I wouldn’t have any fun, but I suspect it’s really because of my table manners.

4. Do you have any cameo appearances planned for Graham’s upcoming films?

I wish! But Graham knows I’d steal the show. He always says I’m such a ham.

8. Graham implies that you have a fondness for Charlotte’s Web, have you read any other good books about pigs?

I have a huge crush on Olivia. If you know her, can you put in a good word?

10. Do you believe in fate?

I found Graham, didn’t I?

11. And, of course, what does happy look like to you?

A whole lot of leftovers and a viewing of Babe.

Thank you so much to Wilbur for stopping by our blog today! I loved having the chance to get to know him, and Graham, a little better.

And a big thanks to Alita who not only read the book right away when I shoved it at her and said, “YOU MUST READ THIS!” but she came up with all the good questions for the interview as well.

This is What Happy Looks Like hits shelves next Tuesday, and my, glowing, review will be up later this week.

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