When Clockwork Angel was released Christine and I thought, instead of a normal review  we would instead have an argument. This continued in the comments of my early review of Clockwork Prince. So, we thought we’d do it again. And…yeah…I don’t really know how we are still friends.

Also, we decided we couldn’t yell at each other properly without spoilers. So BEWARE of SPOILERS!!!!!

If you’re good with spoilers, or have finished the book, then carry on reading.

Caitlin: Remember how I read this a month before you did?

Christine: Yes… I still haven’t forgiven you.

Caitlin: I doubt this review is going to help you at all in the forgiveness department. As Will is the best and I hope Jem dies.

Christine: Wow. We’re just going to get right into it, are we?

Caitlin: I should say, I don’t hope he dies in a malicious way. I just think, he was set up to die from the beginning and I think the idea of a last minute life rescue will be cliche and cheesy. I’m not sure Cassandra can pull it off.

Christine: Honestly, I think you’re jealous. You and every member of Team Will out there. Jem got to Tessa first and you can’t stand losing. But Jem’s imminent death is always present in the story. We’re all aware he’s only got a few years, maybe, before he’s gone. So why the hate? Why not let him have what little happiness he can get with Tessa?

Caitlin: Because, Christine, Tessa doesn’t love Jem. Sure, she likes him but she only said yes to marrying him because she wanted to belong, she feels affection for him, and hey, he’s only got a few more years. Why not make him happy?

How is this right?!?! What if there is a girl out there that Jem could truly love and who could love him back? He could be really happy for the rest of his short life, not clinging to this one thing that he feels he will never have a chance for if it doesn’t happen with Tessa.

Stop me now, before I rant.

Christine: I’m sorry, but were we reading the same book?! Tessa loves Jem. It may not be the fiery, passionate, overwhelming kind of feelings she has for Will (note how I didn’t say love. She hasn’t admitted to loving Will, just feeling attracted to and undone around him), but did you not read pages 200 through 206? She feels something for Jem and I think it’s love. The good kind of love that won’t have you acting like a mindless nincompoop who acts like they’re high all the time. I think there’s more to her acceptance of Jem’s marriage proposal than just wanting to belong somewhere.

And also, how do you know Jem doesn’t truly love Tessa? What actions or thoughts gave you that idea? From what I read, he’s ready to forsake EVERYTHING for her — his family, friends, to the point of being exiled, just to be with her. What more evidence do you need to realize he loves her?

Caitlin: For me, the thing with Jem, is that in a way, his sacrifices don’t mean anything. He lives everyday with the knowledge that he is going to die soon. He will lose everything that he has before he’s even gotten the chance to start living properly. When I look at it like that, giving up the Shadowhunter life style, and all his friends to experience a different part of life, it doesn’t seem like that much of a sacrifice. Jem wants to have all he can before he goes. Which is fair.

And, I honestly don’t think Jem and Tessa know each other that well. I think they are attracted to one another and, especially for Jem, they feel this needs to be acted upon because, well, they’re teeanagers. But I just don’t think they know anything about the hopes and desires and passions of each other.

Will, on the other hand, seems to just get Tessa. Without even trying. He even tries to hide it, to lie to her about how much he understands what she does and says. And Tessa, during the whole book when she’s mad at Will, tries and tries to tell herself that she doesn’t understand him. Points out to herself why none of what he does or says matters, even though it speaks to her in  a way Jem doesn’t, but she can’t let him go.

Christine: I’m not buying it, sorry. Jem is clearly the sensible choice. Tessa’s view of Will is so skewed. He goes from hot to cold to ignoring her for most of the book to hot to cold and then out of nowhere tells her that he loves her. If I were Tessa I’d be like, “WTF is wrong with you? You can’t treat people this way.” Yes, the whole curse thing was sad and tragic, but that’s not Tessa’s fault. She worked off the hand she was dealt and Jem was by her side through everything.

Also, his sacrifices don’t mean anything? What?! Just because he might not be around for much longer doesn’t mean his sacrifices are worthless. If anything, they’re spectacular. If you were dying, would you give up your home, your brother (since essentially that’s what Will is to him), your friends, and your way of life for someone you love? Besides, this might also mean he’d have to give up getting that powder he needs to survive on a monthly basis because Will wouldn’t be around anymore.

Caitlin: Will would never abandon Jem like that. Which, by the way, is my favourite thing about these books. I just love that Will and Jem love each other so much. And they both want the other to be happy.

Though, also, why can’t Jem get his own medicine? I get that he doesn’t want to and Will is more than happy to, but I just mean, if other options were lost to him, he could do it himself. He’s not useless.

And, I know we disagree on this, but that scene at the end where Will confessed everything to Tessa…I…I how can you not want Will to find happiness???? Or, at the very least, how can you think that Tessa loves Jem as much as Will? How can you think she isn’t thinking about Will every moment she is with Jem? Is that any way to enter into marriage?

Christine: Okay, I’ll concede that Will probably wouldn’t leave Jem and he’d continue getting his medicine. And I’m all for Will finding happiness, but I honestly don’t think that lies with Tessa. Not right now, anyway. As for Tessa loving Jem vs Will, I don’t think she loves Will. I think her feelings for Will are all tangled up and she has no idea what she feels for him. That might change over the course of the next book — in fact, I expect it to, if we want more gut wrenching scenes between this love triangle — but as of right now, she doesn’t love Will. She doesn’t know him, not the real him. She knows the antagonist version of him.

What would you rather her do, Caitlin? Break Jem’s heart and Will’s in the process by ending the engagement? You know what, maybe it would be better for everyone involved if Tessa just stepped away from both of them. Maybe go back to America and track down the New York Institute.

Caitlin: BREAK JEMS HEART!!!!….well, not really. Sigh. I do like Jem…just not with Tessa. But anyway, she can’t go back to America because I just know that Charlotte and Henry are going to die and Tessa is going to end up raising their baby with Will. Not Jem.

Because Cassandra has said that there is a reason that Clary’s last name (Fray) is so similar to Tessa’s (Gray) so I think Clary is Charlotte and Henry’s great-great-whatever granddaughter. Yep.

Christine: I have no words for that theory. Somehow I think Tessa’s immortality and what she actually is needs to be addressed before she can even make a commitment to either guy. Maybe it hasn’t hit her yet, or she’s purposely ignoring it, but that discussion needs to take place.

Caitlin: YES! We agree! (whoa) I need more about Tessa. I need to know everything!!! Is the idea that she is the daughter of a shadowhunter and a warlock TRUE??? If so, how did that happen? What is up with her Angel? Why does it have power of the clockwork automatons? WHAT IS GOING ON????

Also, why isn’t Tessa with Will????? *sob*

Christine: I have a theory about Tessa, but I really hope it’s not true because that would mean what could be bound could just as easily become unbound. I have no idea what’s up with her Angel. But seriously, Cassie, we need to know what’s going on with Tessa and her backstory. Like yesterday. Because what’s rattling around in my head is probably not as good as whatever you’ve come up with and I need questions answered.

Caitlin: And we need to see Jem die.

Christine: Low blow, Caitlin. Will could just as easily die before Jem does.

Caitlin: You know, I’d be upset, a lot, but I really feel that for me to like this series at all, one of the two boys has to die.

Though, I also feel that for me to like this series Tessa and Will have to end up together.

So, what Team are you all on? And Why?

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