You’re probably going to be seeing a lot of these posts today. It’s sort of like a launch party, but online and with no snacks.

Unless you’re like me and you’re eating some left over chocolate from Christmas. Yum.

But we didn’t come here to talk about chocolate. Nope. We came here to talk about the goodship Godspeed, and it’s journey Across the Universe.

Like all launch parties we have some decorations, and a little bit of sparkling wine.

And, now, we have the author in to speak about the book a bit and give the a proper send off!

In all seriousness though, Penguin Teen (the architects, as it were), have done a spiffing job putting this one together, as well as arranging this fantastic launch party. *clinks glasses*

Before the ship takes off you can explore it yourself to see if you’d be interested in taking a similar journey. Just go here to check all the different levels (except for the secret one…*grumble*), and see that there actually is a field and trees. And that thing that looks like a library? Yeah, that’s a city. The detail and immense-ness is just amazing.

And here’s a short list of places where you can go to learn about other sects of the party that is happening all throughout today, as we celebrate the launching of this fine ship!

  • Across the Universe on Facebook
  • Beth Revis’ (the Designer) website, blog, and Twitter
  • Penguin Teen (The Architects)  Facebook, Twitter, and Homebase
  • The best place to go for your very own copy.
  • If you wish to take a short journey on the ship itself, you can go here and read the first 111 pages of the book!

Now, there’s nothing left to do but wish the Godspeed…well…godspeed! Give her a proper send off and then…

Enjoy all the leftover champagne!

Thanks to awesome blogger Jeremy for the banner!

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