Fury marks the end of the Mercy series and the end of one the truly good series of angel books out there:

Caitlin: ALL THE RYAN!!!

Christine: Yes. That sums up all my feelings for Fury nicely.

Caitlin: After falling in love with not only the character of Ryan, but Ryan and Mercy together, in the first book it was so nice to see them working together again.

Christine: I have to say, I was kind of hating Mercy in the beginning of the book because she was SO HARD on Ryan about being human. Like it’s his fault for being so fragile in the fight against angels and demons. But she eventually came around and it was all Ryan, Ryan, Ryan! An entire book with Ryan in it was lovely.

Caitlin: I liked that they finally had time to talk about their relationship and get somewhere instead of just trying to find one another. It And I didn’t think she was being too hard on him for being human. More she was fully coming into the realization that she wasn’t human and that they were basically doomed. In more ways than one. Their relationship would never work and they Lucifer and all of his demon hordes after them.

So, there were problems.

Christine: I guess. I just felt bad for Ryan and the situation they were in.

I liked how the conclusion to the overall story arc happened. Fury was like one long fight that burned the night sky, full of yelling and blood, until the very last page. It was a LOT different than the other books, but in a good way because we finally get to see Mercy in her element.

Caitlin: And all of the other angels! I loved that we got travel around the world and see all these places that were important to Mercy (And Lucifer) and really see Mercy become a hero. I loved how she was just sick of being everyone’s butt monkey1 and took her life, Ryan’s life, and the fate of the world into her own hands. Refused to give in to what everyone else wanted and basically became a badass fighting angel with guns.

I want more of that.

Christine: Yes. Her becoming badass was awesome. Being incredibly stubborn, I could see her fighting against the other angels’ ideas of how she should react to Lucifer’s quest to possess her. There were a few moments I wanted to cry because of Ryan never admitting defeat with her, so I’m glad he was there for her.

Caitlin: I liked that the book ended where the series began. And that it came down to a battle of wits more than a battle of might.

Christine: I have so many feelings about the ending. Because I honestly didn’t see how it could turn out alright and have Ryan and Mercy be together and safe. The last scene was a surprise, but I’m glad Rebecca went that route. It certainly didn’t conclude everything about the conflict between angels and demons, but it did a good enough job for me to be happy. Now if she could write another book just about Ryan and Mercy in their new life, I would be uber happy because I don’t know if I could ever get enough Ryan.

Caitlin: Yes! I was perfectly happy with the ending! I was glad to see that it didn’t wrap everything up in a nice little bow but it wrapped up enough that I was left in a good place and I felt that the characters could go on to have a perfectly normal life or go on to have adventures. Whichever suited my need for their happiness. It’s always nice when an author does that.

The one thing I was upset about is that we never got know Mercy’s real name. Not cool. Not cool at all. It’s going to bother me FOREVER!

Christine: Maybe you can send Rebecca or her editor a quick email asking for it? For your own personal knowledge, of course. Because I would very much like to know it as well. I get that she’s not that girl or angel anymore, but it still would’ve been nice to know the big secret that everyone was in on except Mercy and Ryan.

Caitlin: Also, young adult books have forever made me happy that my “true” name cannot control me. It seems a common problem in fictionlandia and, well, everyone knows my true name.

Christine: It seems to be common with the Fae. But you never know if it can control you. Have you met an angel or the Fae yet? No. So you don’t know.

Caitlin: And with that chilling thought, I think we’re done here.

If you live in Australia, England, or Canada (possibly other Common Wealth Countries as well?) you can pick up the entire Mercy series wherever books are sold. If you live in the USA I believe book 2, Exile, comes out soon.

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