So, today on the site is something a little different. When you sign up for blog tours, you’re never really sure what you’re get (be it an interview, review only, huge giveaway, etc). When I signed up for Article 5‘s tour, I was tasked with interviewing Chase, the lead male in the story. Not an easy task, let me tell ya. I had a TON of questions for him, but they were so spoilery and mostly to do with the ending of Article 5 that I couldn’t do that to y’all.

Now, the questions I did end up asking him are still a bit spoilery, but I hope they’re the kind of good spoilery that make you want to read the book to figure out why he said what he did and why I felt the need to ask to begin with. Â

1. Chase, after everything that happened in Chicago, coming back to Louisville… What was that like?



Ok, ok. It was…I don’t know, terrible. Worse than that. I never wanted to hurt them – Ember or her mom. I would have gone to the other side of the world if I thought it would have kept them safe. But the only way to protect Em was to do what I did. She didn’t understand, of course – I can’t say I blame her. And, I don’t know, I guess I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t good seeing her, despite everything. Just to make sure she was okay.

2. When your will starts slipping, especially around Ember, what do you think of to keep going?

Maybe it’s morbid, but I think of that look on her face when I found her at reform school. If I fail, that is what’s going to happen to her again. That or worse. And I can’t let that happen so I push every other thought to the back of my head and do whatever I can to keep her safe. Even if that means keeping her at a distance.

3. Did you ever really think you could walk away from Ember, even knowing she might hate you?

Did I really think I could stay, knowing she might hate me? After everything? If it meant she was happy, I don’t know… I’d do anything if it meant she was happy. Next question please.

4. The story you told Ember about training, how much of that was glossed over? What was it really like?

You don’t want to know. It was ugly. There’s a reason guys like Tucker do so well.

5. Do you ever think about what your life would be like if the war hadn’t happened?

Every day. Although, less when she’s around. Sometimes, when she’s around, I don’t think about the war at all.

So… hopefully this sparks your interest in reading Article 5, if you haven’t already. If you like gritty dystopian, this is definitely the book for you. I’ll be posting my review of it soon.

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