Everything about this post is explained in the embedded video/audio file…thingy. Which is Christine and I telling you about the giveaway and how it all came to be but I thought I’d do a brief explanation here anyway.

After posting our review of Bloodlines I, accidentally, signed up to be a part of the Bloodlines blog tour run by Penguin Canada Young Readers. Not entirely sure how but we were in a bit of a pickle. But as the review that Christine and I did, and well, our whole relationship for a few months there, was defined by the final line of this book, we thought we’d have fun giveaway that involves adding the last line of Bloodlines to the end of other books.

Everything is explained, and there are some examples given here:

The giveaway is US/Canada only. Please leave your entries in the comments and Christine and I will be picking our TWO favourites to win. This contest will not have a random winner.

*The last line of Bloodlines will be in the comments. Do not go there if you do not want to see it.*


  • Add the last line of Bloodlines to a last line of another book.
  • Make it make sense, change tense or add a conjunction word if you need to. BUT do not lose the essence of either lines
  • US/Canada only
  • Christine and Caitlin will be choosing their favourites to win
  • Beware of spoilers, obviously

Also, thank you very much to Penguin USA for sending us a finished copy of Bloodlines, as well all the other fun things it came with it, and thanks to Penguin Canada for hosting the tour and providing ARCs!

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