This week’s POS post comes from me, Christine, the girl who does not have enough hours in the day to read as much as she’d like and who has a serious book buying and requesting problem.

I blame NetGalley for my e-book POS. They make it so easy to request books that sound really good to read for FREE and sometimes months in advance of their release date. It’s not my fault when I can’t stop hitting the request button! And it’s not pretty when I’m done, guys.

Currently I have 49 books (young adult and adult) that needed to be read and reviewed on NetGalley. Granted, some of those are novellas and graphic novels, which won’t take long to read and review, but the majority are books. Very long books that I don’t have time for.

Here are the ones I’ve been putting off the longest:


*momentarily hypnotized by the pretty covers*

So, my goal this upcoming week is to read at least two of these books. I’ll be traveling quite a bit, which means I might be able to pull it off and somehow also read the two books from the Simon & Schuster Galley Grab I need to get to before they’re released next Tuesday. I can totally do this. *glances nervously at the physical mountain of books next to the bed*

Wish me luck!

Also, what’s on your POS this week?

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