I’m having flashbacks to the Mockingjay pandemonium right now. City of Fallen Angels has finally made its way into our hot, desperate, fangirling little hands. Much like Mockingjay fever…I can’t think of a single book besides City of Fallen Angels today, and I’m pretty sure no one else can either. See: Twitter, the blogosphere, and/or the argument I got into with a girl who tried to buy the last 4 copies of COFA at B&N. As such, I was too busy worrying about getting started with City of Fallen Angels to do a review so I’ve pushed our regularly scheduled programming back a bit in favor of something more fun/interactive.

Today I want to hear what everyone thought about City of Fallen Angels. Are we sad? Happy? So filled with angst that our stomachs are bundled into nervous knots of OMG? Did everything turn out like you wanted? Did you RAWR HULKSMASH? Did you cry?

Please. I’m begging people to come tell me what they thought so I can make comments somewhere, too.

Obviously BEWARE of potential spoilers in the comments.

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