Last year around this time I posted a three part series on navigating San Diego Comic Con from young adult enthusiast perspective. This is the fist post in this years series on the same topic.

Though I think I’m only going to do two pre- comic con posts this year. I will also do a fun wrap up post again.

There is SO MUCH good things going on for us book nerds this year. It is physically impossible to see and do it all. So, get ready to make some very difficult choices that will HURT YOUR SOUL!


Paranormal Passion Panel – Room 24ABC – 10:30am

This panel has a mix of adult and YA authors, all of whom write paranormal stories with romance in them.1 I’m most excited for Kendare Blake, whom I’ve never had the chance to meet even though I adore her books. I also love hearing writers of the same genre in different age group discuss the differences in their writing. There could be some good talk about how YA paranormal has basically become mainstream romance without the sex. Or at least, with behind closed doors sex. Should be a good panel.

The Secrets of Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy – 11am – Room 32AB

This one doesn’t have any specific YA authors on it but if you are interested in writing or interested in hearing more about the trends in Sci-Fi and Fantasy pop culture, which does affect YA, this would be a very interesting panel to go to. A mix of novel writers, screen writers, and actors. Though, also worth noting that there is not a single female on this panel. I would love to be in this panel simply to ask why not. Women write Fantasy and Sci-Fi to. And while you’re at it, why there isn’t any men on the Paranormal Passion Panel. Men write romance too.

The Witty Women of Steampunk – Room 5AB – 11am

Another panel that doesn’t technically include any YA writers but it is all about a sub-culture that is showing itself more and more in YA books. And ficiton in general. If you’re interested in writing Steampunk, or learning more about the culture, this would be a very interesting panel. As well as the rest of the steampunk panels during the weekend.

Ode to Nerds Room 6A – 2:45pm

Two of the authors on this panel, Robyn Schneider and Corey Doctorow, have published YA books and the rest of the authors have really good cross over appeal. And unlike other panels focusing on mainstream sci-fi and fantasy (and not YA or romance sci-fi and fantasy) there is a woman on this panel. It looks as if the panel is going to be focusing on general nerdy endeavors and not writing in particular but that will interesting as well. Especially coming from such well known authors.

Enders Game and Divergent – Room Hall H – 3:50pm

Summits panel in Hall H is looking to focus on two their two movies coming out based on books. Despite our personal plans not having us be in Hall H on Thursday we are hoping to try to make it in for this to see some of the Divergent information. And hopefully a clip or something? I am, personally, underwhelmed by the photos they’ve released so far so I’d really like this panel to restore my faith that this movie might not suck.

And Ender’s Game…hrmm. Well. A part of me is kind of glad that the trailer looks as if they’ve ruined the story because now it won’t be a hardship to boycott it? I don’t know. Interesting to see what they bring with them.

The Scoop at Simon and Schuster – Room 9 – 7pm

Publisher panels are generally fun and include giveaways. I need another overly large nerd tshirt to sleep in. Also, it’s just fun being in the same room as a whole bunch of other people who love books! Hopefully they’ll talk about something YA related other than the Mortal Instruments? Who knows!


With Great Powers Comes Great Stories – Room 28DE – 1pm

This is my favourite topic in YA books. In most books actually. Normal people developing awesome powers and then fighting evil with them. I’m very excited for this panel. Especially for Mark H. Kruger who’s book, Overpowered, releases next month. Should be an interesting discussion on why people love reading this genre.

From Idea to Buzz – Room 23ABC – 2pm

This is such a neat idea! Talking about how a book becomes a bestseller. And not like…the mystical, who knows what will resonate with people, side of things. But looking at an author having an idea that she then convinces other people to get behind and how they all work together. Marie Lu, her agent and her publicist on the panel. I do wish her editor was all on the panel. I think that would add another interesting level to things. Should be a fabulous panel that will be different from all the other panels because of the unique perspective they are taking on things.

Epic Fantasy – Room 24ABC – 2:30pm

Robin Hobb is on this panel! What more do you need? Brandon Sanderson? Okay. He’s on the panel too! And so many other awesome people! Writers of YA and mainstream Epic Fantasy. And also Melissa de la Cruz…I thought she wrote more paranormal/urban fantasy. Not Epic Fantasy. But whatever. Should be a panel full of great talk about writing and reading epic fantasy and all your favourite and least favourite tropes.

Ask An Agent – Room 8 – 3:30pm

A mix of film agents and novel agents answer questions about what they look for in manuscripts and what they actually do in publishing. Good panel to go to if you’re a writer. Good agents on this panel including Kate Shafer Testerman and Barry Goldblatt.

What’s Up With Penguin – Room 9 – 7pm

Lots of giveaways! Hear about Penguins upcoming books! I love Penguin! They are always the best at these sorts of panels. Should be lots of fun, and as always, a good time to be in a room with all the book lovers


When GRRLS Fall in Love – Room 23ABC – 11am

Have you seen the lineup at this panel? Ally Condie! Marissa Meyer! Holly Black! Cassandra Clare! Just go to this panel. This panel seems to be about kick ass girls who also fall in love. Something I can definitely get behind.

Though, once again, a panel focusing on romance in books that only has women on the panel.Ugh.

Apocalyptic/Zombie: It’s the End of the World as We Know It Room 23ABC – 12pm

You don’t even have to move from When GRRLS Fall in Love if you want to go to this panel!

It sounds like this is going to be a mostly Zombie panel which doesn’t really interest me, personally. But Rick Yancey in on the panel and I do enjoy him quite a bit.

Also, it bears mentioning, it’s a sci-fi panel…and no women.

Spotlight on Vera Brosgol – Room 4- 4pm

Vera Brosgol writes YA graphic novels. Which I’ve never read so I can’t really commentate on that. The panel is moderated by Holly Black who is pretty awesome. Should be a good discussion. I’d be interested in going just because I don’t know anything about YA graphic novels.

Harper Voyager U.S. and Harper Teen/Epic Reads: Enter Worlds of Pandemonium and Peril, Mystery and Magic, Fiction and Fantasy! – Room 9 – 7pm

I enjoy how Penguin and Simon and Shuster named their panels something simple and easy to remember. And then there’s Harper.

Should be a good panel though.


What’s Hot in Young Adult Fiction – Room 24ABC – 11am

So last years panel had Melina Marchetta on it which basically means unless this years panel has J. K. Rowling on it (it doesn’t) I was going to be disappointed. Or it wasn’t going to be as good as last years.

But there are some exciting people! Rainbow Rowell! I’m excited to get a copy of Eleanor and Park signed. I loved that book. Ransom Riggs! Hopefully he’ll have some info on the sequel to Miss Peregrine’s. Ohplease, ohplease!

It looks like Veronica Rossi is actually going to get to talk this year instead of just be at the signing. Thats fun!

Science Fiction and the Future – Room 24ABC – 12pm

Holy crap! There’s a girl on this panel! And the panel is moderated by a girl! That’s TWO women and six men! I am happy for a mix.

YA-wise, D. J. MacHale is on this panel and a lot of the other authors have good crossover appeal. Especially Mira Grant. I know a lot of YA readers who love her books. And the panel is moderated by Margaret Stohl, who I have seen as part of a group event before and she was really fabulous with the panel and the crowd. Should be a good event.

Someone, not me, should totally have the courage to get up and ask about the gender divide at Comic Con.

Chronicle Books: Behind the Scenes of a Pop Culture Powerhouse – Room 32AB – 1pm

Chronicle books, as far as I know, publish books about other books. And a lot of the time about YA books. I think they’ve published companian books to the Mortal Instruments and Twilight? Among others.

Could be an interesting panel. Plus the author of Vader’s Little Princess, cutest picture book ever!

What’s Behind the Door? Fiction that Thrills – Room 7AB – 1pm

I’m excited for this one because Ann Aguirre! I mean there’s other people on the panel too but ANN AGUIRRE!

This panel is about horror books or books with horror elements. I should say, YA and MG horror. There does not seem to be any adult horror on this panel.

Witches and Fey, Monsters and Mortals – Room 24ABC 2pm

Leigh Bardugo is on this panel! She’s so nice. And intelligent and funny. It’s sure to be a fabulous panel with her on it. And Morgan Rhodes! Us Canadians have to stick together when visiting our neighbours to the south.

Other than there seems to be a good mix of YA and Adult and also a good mix and HUGELY POPUlAR and ALSO VERY TALENTED EvEN THOUGH YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE HEARD OF THEM. Should be a good conversation.

Safety Not Guarenteed – Room 23ABC – 2:30pm

This panel focuses on dystopia and post-apocalyptic. Anna Jarzab and Amy Tintera! And and and Gennifer Albin! And Brandon Sanderson!

Lot’s of good people. I really, really hope I’m not too exhausted to go to this panel. Previous SUnday afternoons at Comic Con do not give me confidence in this however.


Well, that’s all the panels that I, personally, thought held appeal to the YA frame of mind. Obviously there’s hundreds of other panels and I haven’t even mentioned the intense autograph schedule. Sometimes I honestly don’t know what’s more important to me. Being at the panel and hearing what they have to say or making sure I get as many books as possible signed.

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