Christine and I were lucky enough, thanks to HarperTeen and NetGalley, to read Delirium a couple months ago. And over the past week we finally found some time to discuss how much we loved it with one another.

So without further ado (I love any opportunity to say that) here’s our discussion:

Caitlin: It really does seem as if a week cannot go by on this blog without me reviewing either a Dystopian book or an Angel book. I can’t even say why I love the two genres as much as I do. But, love them, I do. And Delirium was a solid, entertaining entry into the Dystopian category.

Christine: Yes, Dystopian seems to be popular this year, but honestly, I’m completely okay with it. Keep them coming. Because each one seems to have a different enough ‘future’ world that I don’t see myself ever getting tired of them. Take Lauren Oliver’s world in Delirium. I think I made more notations about the philosophy and the “Cure” than I did about the actual story, at least at the beginning.

Caitlin: I also felt that at the beginning, that the world and the rules by which it ran was more interesting than the relationships the characters had. But that makes sense. Relationships, loving ones especially, are looked down upon in this world where they Cure you of Love.

Christine: Now, for those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, Delirium is based on a world where Love is Cured. Years ago, scientists identified Love as a disease, called amor deliria nervosa. It’s the deadliest of all deadly things, according to The Safety, Health and Happiness Handbook, which is distributed to every person living in government-sanctioned centers.

Lena is the focal point. She’s close to turning 18, which is the age where most citizens are Cured, and can’t wait to become like everyone else. But events happen before her birthday that radically change her point of view. The blurb kind of gives it away, so I don’t feel bad telling you this, but she falls in love.

Caitlin: I loved watching her fall in love. It was slow, and she was always worried about it. It was very realistic for someone who had been told all their lives that love was a dangerous disease. And every time she took a step toward being true to herself, and her passions, there was immediate back-peddling and worry. She didn’t just jump into love. And I loved how it all came back to her mother.

Christine: Oh, her mother! I speculated endlessly about her mother. I just knew she was going to play a bigger role when Lena kept bringing her up. But what kind of role, you’ll just have to find out for yourself by reading the book.

And I loved watching her fall in love as well. I was wary of the boy at first, just like Lena was, but he quickly became one of my favorite people. His name is Alex. Alex with the golden brown hair, like autumn leaves ready to fall. (I loved that line. So lyrical.)

Caitlin: I especially loved when he admitted to leaving a note for Lena. Can’t say more than that. But, I just thought it was so cute and telling of their society. Love has to be confined to illicit affairs and secret notes.

And then there was Hana. She was the perfect representation of teenagers. Willing to break the rules and test the boundaries…but only so far.

Christine: I had such hope for Hana in the beginning. I really liked her. I’m glad that she was there, for Lena’s sake, but I wasn’t very happy with her toward the end.

Honestly, I wasn’t happy with the ending, period. I sobbed. Well, I was at work so I had to hide it, but I felt like sobbing. Why does Lauren Oliver make me cry? I see a trend developing with her books.

Caitlin: I even told myself to expect. After Before I Fall, how could I not? But still…getting to the end was…stressful. Why are awesome authors so cruel to us? Can’t they just release a trilogy all in one month? Is that so hard to ask?

There was so much about the ending that left me hanging…and I can’t mention any of it…maybe we should have a spoiler-full discussion in the comments. Because…some of this, I just need to talk about.

Christine: Agreed. If you’ve read the book, please join us in the comments section for a full analysis of the characters we liked/loved/hated/want to see more of, the plot, the world, and anything else we can think of. Basically, lots of spoilers.

And if you haven’t read the book, GO BUY IT AND READ IT. This is an order. Everyone MUST read this book.

Caitlin: Must read. Perfect description for this captivating book.

Also, really, stay out of the comments if you haven’t read the book. We’re going to go crazy.

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