Christine: I’m always nervous about reading second books in a trilogy. They can either disappoint you or live up to the first book, or on a very rare occasion, exceed expectation. While Goddess Interrupted didn’t exceed expectation, it did a good job trying to live up to the first book, which is hard to do sometimes.

The Goddess Test was just the start of Kate’s adventures. Goddess Interrupted takes everything Kate went through and makes it ten times worse for her. Her entire world is literally on the cusp of being destroyed.

Caitlin: I did like how high the stakes became. It wasn’t just about Kate and how her story would go, the fate of the world was in the balance.

I just thought. There wasn’t a single mention of Kate’s dad. I really, really want to know more about him. I want him to somehow be involved in the story. What if he isn’t involved? What if we never find out anything?

Christine: He might not be important enough to warrant inclusion. Kate’s mom doesn’t seem inclined to discuss him with Kate, nor does Kate wonder about his identity much. Other topics seem to take precedence with her right now, which is understandable.

Caitlin: I suppose, but I’m curious!

Christine: I know. I am, too. If it’s not answered in the next book, you can always ask Aimee at a signing or something.

But back to the book, I liked that we finally got to see the Underworld, i.e. Henry’s domain and where Kate will spend six months of the year. I wasn’t expecting the entire cast of characters from the first book back in this one, but the reasons for it are explained and entirely justified.

Caitlin: Going into the book, I thought we were going to be with Kate during her six months in Greece and not acting as the queen of the underworld so I, too, was very happy that we got to see so much of it. I loved that they had to go on a journey through the underworld and we got to see how it is for different people and what Kate is going to be doing with the rest of eternity…if she survives.

Christine: Indeed. Although, if she doesn’t, then Henry will certainly fade and everything will be lost.

Calliope is back as the villainous and she has some serious issues she needs to work out. The goddess is crazy. Like, doesn’t even care about her own life anymore kind of crazy.

Caitlin: Calliope is interesting. Immortals of any kind are interesting because, what do you do when they go evil? They can’t be killed or are too difficult to be killed and are too evil to be left alone.

I honestly have no idea what they are going to do with Calliope or the new evil that was introduced. Or, I guess, the Old Evil. Whatever. I’m looking forward to seeing how that all plays out especially with the decision Kate and Henry made at the end.

Christine: Yes. I’m glad they worked some stuff out between them. It’s going to make the next book interesting, since Ava carries a big secret that could either break Henry, or cause him to become like the Hulk and just smash everything in his path. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Henry become the Hulk. He definitely lacks the will to fight sometimes. I think Persephone broke him in more ways than he lets on, but now he just might be healed enough to move on and become the god Kate needs him to be.

Caitlin: Oh. I’d completely forgotten about the twist at the end. The one I want to make a joke about but even the joke would give it away. That’ll be interesting in the next book. And, I wonder…like….ugh, I can’t talk about this here. Stupid spoilers. But I wonder how that twist…is going…to be affected….by….things.


Christine: Way to keep it vague. I think you’re wondering, like I am, how it will be affected by Kate’s immortality since she does become immortal at the end of The Goddess Test. That’s not the spoiler here.

If you’re wondering what the spoilers are, I’m afraid you’ll have to read the book yourself. It’s currently out in bookstores and libraries everywhere and available in e-format, so you have no excuse.

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