This marks the beginning our rebooting of out podcast! Yay!

After much, much, technical difficulty. I’m proud to say that Christine, Kate, and I recorded our first episode last week, had more technical difficulty and now I bring it to you.

Very soon after this goes up it should, once again, be available on iTunes. Though I expect more technical difficulty before that happens.1

Two important things before I give you the show notes.

1. I do not think listening or downloading directly will work in Firefox.2

2. I accidentally forgot to tell my recording program to use my USB mic and not my computer mic…so I sound far away and kind of weird. Sorry about that.


-Kate, Christine, and Caitlin talk about the new show format and intro today’s topic: HOT BOYS!

-We discuss our favourite hot boys in YA

-Lots of Melina Marchetta talk.

-More hot boys.

-Why do we fixate on fictional boys?

-Do the girls in these stories affect our love of the boys?

-what are we reading right now?

Stay tuned after the closing for a brief clip of the epic debate Caitlin and Kate had about Professor Snape.

Our next episode will be this months book club episode where we will be discussing Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris.

Click here to find us in iTunes.

The music that we use in our episodes is written and recorded by Matt Mcfarland

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  • Just so you all know, after writing this, I had so much technical difficulty I left it for 10 hours
  • If you only use Firefox then, after you get a “file not found” message for the URL link, delete the “.mp3″ at the end of the URL and it should auto-matically download.

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