Christine: The Indigo Spell, the third book in Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead, came out yesterday and of course Caitlin and I were VERY EXCITED about it.

Caitlin: Despite it being less than a year, it feels as if I’ve had to wait forever for this book. I don’t even think The Golden Lily ended in a particularly cliffhanger-y manner. I just needed more of Sydney and Adrian.

Christine: It does feel like forever. I’ve said before this is the book I wanted to read the most this year, so I’m very glad it came early on. I’m basically considering it an early birthday gift.

And yes, the way things ended with Adrian and Sydney in The Golden Lily was enough of a cliffhanger for me. I just needed more of them in The Indigo Spell. Thankfully, it delivered, with most of the book featuring them doing things together… being all together-y and perfect.

Caitlin: You know, as much as I wanted to see the romantic sides of them being together, which this book does not disappoint with, I was more excited for the banter. I just love everything they say to one another. It’s almost like every sentence is a challenge. Adrian challenging Sydney to break through her restrained world view. And Sydney challenging Adrian to be a decent, contributing human being. Well…vampire. Whatever.

Christine: I believe they prefer being called Moroi. Not vampires.

Caitlin: Whatever. Anyways. There’s that really awesome scene where…well, lets just say Sydney walks away with a hickey. And as much as I loved that scene, I’m pretty sure I loved their text message conversation regarding it even more.

Christine: Yes. Their banter is what fuels the epicness of them. I’m not saying cut the lovely scenes where they’re, um, close, but I could probably read an entire book of them just snipping at each other. They always find a way to make the other see their value, which is so great to read. Adrian is one of those characters that deserves someone’s trust and support and I’m glad Sydney can be that for him, regardless of whatever she feels or represses in feeling for him.

Caitlin: Also!! We saw the return of so many fan-favourite things! The pirate skeleton! Malachi Wolfe! Spirit Crazy Adrian!

All of these things made me so happy. And Adrian is totally hot when he was gone all wacko due to Spirit. I cannot wait until The Fiery Heart when we get some Adrian point of view. It’s going to be awesome.

Christine: I’m also looking forward to Adrian POV. I know we got some of it in the Vampire Academy series (or am I wishfully thinking we did?), but an entire book? I feel like it’s Christmas. I’d also like nothing more than a conversation between Adrian and Dimitri during The Fiery Heart, just because I love their snark. Sadly, there’s only one small scene with Dimitri in The Indigo Spell. Le sigh. I will never tire of the small snippets we get of him. Also! It was slightly unfair how Richelle was all vague about a pretty major thing toward the beginning of the book, but then it turned out to be not that major.

Caitlin: Well, I really think there was only way that was going to turn out. And it was best not to get one’s hopes up.

I did like Adrian’s little “lets screw with everyone’s minds” moment. That was fun. And I love into magic Sydney has gotten. Such a big change from the first book.

Christine: You would like all the magic going on. I love the little pet/protector that she gets. I wouldn’t mind having one, honestly. I’d have him on my shoulder during cons. It’d be awesome.

Switching topics, with all the build up there was around Marcus Finch, he turned out to be rather underwhelming. I was expecting someone completely different. He might play into the overall story arc in some other way, but as of right now, it looks like he was only brought in because of his Alchemist tattoo information.

Caitlin: WAIT! We can’t switch topics until I say that BOOKS WITH DRAGONS (mini or otherwise) are just better than books without. And I loved that Jill was waiting to see the mini…demon thing. And he likes PIE. I want one. Sigh.

But, yeah, Marcus…well, I was glad he wasn’t a love interest or anything. But other than that, unless he comes back, I was rather underwhelmed as well. Though, I think that’s kind of the point? I think Sydney was expecting more from him too.

Christine: I guess. Still seemed pointless to introduce him.

Can we talk about the ending now? Because I want to talk about the ending. First off, YAAAY. I’m so glad things are… well, not worked out, but clearer? Yes, there will be major obstacles and it’s probably going to end up horribly for one or both parties, but as of right now, I’m trying to stay optimistic. Maybe everything will be okay.

Caitlin: I feel like the major thing we were afraid of happening in this book is definitely coming in the next one because of all the added eyes on Sydney. I am glad that a certain character showed up. I think it will be a very interesting dynamic in the next one.

I just don’t know how I’m going to wait. I need to see certain people sneaking around. And I need to see Sydney slowly convince someone that their worldview is WRONG. and and and…MORE MINI DRAGON!

Christine: I want all of those things as well, plus more Dimitri. Now I must re-read the ending again and wait rather impatiently for The Fiery Heart. At least we don’t have to wait an entire year before it comes out.

Caitlin: Unless they DELAY it!

Christine: Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

As for everyone else, if you’ve read The Indigo Spell and wish to discuss or want us to clarify something, let us know in the comments section. For people who haven’t read The Indigo Spell yet, the comment section might contain SPOILERS. You’ve been warned.

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