It’s Day Three of our week long Blogoversary and I’m talking about Crossed today.

So, I was really worried about Crossed. Matched was one of my favourite reads of last year and I’d heard that Crossed had two points of view (I’m so not a fan of point of view changes) and I just knew it wasn’t going to be able to live up the first one.

And, guys, this is the BEST attitude to approach a second book with because it totally BLEW my expectations, and I sped through it and loved it!

Though, now I’m full of QUESTIONS. So many questions. I can’t put any of them to you because they are all spoiler-ridden. I want to know what is going on and how everything fits together and what is the Society’s plan? And the plan of the other two factions of people…or is there just one other faction of people? And how did everyone get all dragged into the…disagreement surrounding these different factions.

And…and…and….what in the world happened at the end??? Like, I know PHYSICALLY what happened, but what does it MEAN? And what is the point of the Society’s actions? Why was Ky where he was? I don’t get it! I need to know everything right now or I’m going to go insane. Why do I have to wait another year…it’s so unfair.

Though it looks as if the third book is going to have more Xander than Ky which I suppose is fair as there wasn’t much Xander in this one but I just don’t like Xander that much. Ky is much more interesting to me. Even with the *spoiler spoiler* with Xander. Ky is still much better.

Sigh. I need the third book…now.

If you want to be as confused as I am here’s your chance! A chance to win your own copy of Crossed. No need to do anything, just enter. Though, as before, we do appreciate any comments, tweets, follows, etc. Thanks everyone!

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