This is definitely my favourite book in the Mythos Academy series so far. I liked that we could see how much the characters have changed since the first book and how they’ve become more of a team and less of a ragtag group of people who didn’t quite fit in elsewhere.

Just when it seems life at Mythos Academy can’t get any more dangerous, the Reapers of Chaos manage to prove me wrong. It was just a typical night at the Library of Antiquities — until a Reaper tried to poison me. The good news is I’m still alive and kicking. The bad news is the Reaper poisoned someone else instead.

As Nike’s Champion, everyone expects me to lead the charge against the Reapers, even though I’m still hurting over what happened with Spartan warrior Logan Quinn. I’ve got to get my hands on the antidote fast — otherwise, an innocent person will die. But the only known cure is hidden in some creepy ruins — and the Reapers are sure to be waiting for me there …

So. Yes, Logan is missing from most of this book. BUT, if you’ve read his short story, Spartan’s Frost, it doesn’t take much imagination to realize that he’s in more of this then you think. And imagining him being off to the sidelines, helping Gwen silently, made me not miss him as much. And I was very excited when he finally showed himself and…well…stuff happens.

Also. I love Nyx. She is so adorable and ferocious and I love that she seems to be forming an unholy, bloodthirsty friendship with Vic. This is probably the best thing in the entire series. Nyx the adorable puppy and Vic the talking sword…they will protect Gwen by killing everyone. Heh.

I just want to cuddle with Nyx. Is that too much to ask? And then I want her to grow into a ferocious beast who will scare people away from me…and then still cuddle with me at night.

Right? Right.

I guess what I really liked about this one, was that it showed how much of a community has sprung up around Gwen and her mission. Quite the contrast from the girl at the beginning of the series who didn’t have any friends and kept herself appart from everyone. Now, she has friends and advisors and all sorts of people who she knows care about her and who she cares about.

Midnight Frost also shows Gwen being pro-active and good leader of her group of….warriors? Er…whatever they are. The friends and protectors on hand to help Gwen in her mission. I liked that as soon as one of them was hurt, everyone was on board for doing whatever they could.

We also got to know more about Gwen’s family. Specifically her father’s side of the family. That was interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how that might play into the rest of the series.

Is there only one more book? I hope there is. And in this book, I hope we get to see some seriously making out between Gwen and Logan because this book was a little lacking in that until the very end. Just saying.

Midnight Frost is another fun, fast paced addition to the Mythos Academy series and I can’t wait for the next one!

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